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The Innovation Economy

My entrepreneurial life started by learning directly from my parents. My Dad left school early and tried a number of things; he eventually started Cedel toothpaste with a manufacturing base in Laverton. Some of my earliest memories are from primary school where I would buy bagels from the local Glick’s bakery and then resell them from my school locker. From…

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Inner City Politics

I was born and bred in the inner city and educated locally at Melbourne University. I take the view that for everything you could possibly want, by way of lifestyle, you don’t need to cross a river. No need to cross the Maribyrnong in the North West and no need to cross the Yarra in the South East. It’s all…

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Pragmatic Conservatism

I’ve been in politics for twenty-one years, in the lower house and upper house, in government and opposition, twice apiece. I’ve served on every conceivable committee and chaired or participated in inquiries on most key topics of interest to Victorians. This also means I have a very low tolerance for nonsense. I came to Australia as a ten-year-old with my…