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The Local

I grew up in Berwick in the outer south east of Victoria and studied at Berwick Secondary College and then Deakin University. For part of my life I was raised by a single mother who remains a big influence on my political life. A Liberal voter, she had a strong sense of social justice and fairness, a commitment to always…

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On Tolerance

It feels like we are heading into a different sort of time. Many who share my world view believe that the long arc of history bends – inevitably – toward an increasingly better future. Due to progress made possible by our values, society will continue to get better and will continue to move in a positive direction. The reality we…

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Everyone’s Political

You are in politics whether you like it or not. Not just because we have compulsory voting and you have a civic obligation to cast your vote. We are all in politics because the choices that we make and the things we care about are, in and of themselves political. If you choose to never think about politics or make…